Steve Reich's Different Trains
A collaborative short film made with Alexandra Wolkowicz in response to the music of Steve Reich. This film was screened alongside the performance by The Smith Quartet at the Bluecoat in September 2008 as part of the Audiovision Festival. As I learned about the thinking behind Steve Reich's piece it occurred to me that a visual response could make use of layered memory and journey. The way I experience distant memories is in the form of layers which become indistinct and repetitive- like the music and sound recording. I'm also interested in how painful or emotional remembrances stay with us and are triggered by sounds and images. Parallax is also a consideration for me. In a moving train or car, things which are very far away seem to move with us- that which is close speeds by. This film piece is therefore an attempt to make memories seem near and far; happy and sad; exciting and frightening.