am arí­s @ SPACE:SOUND from derekfoott on Vimeo.

Quadrasonic environments

Live Visuals from Jon Barraclough and Madeline Hall (The Royal Standard)

After the collaborative successes of live visuals and receptive drawing with NHK’Koyxen at the Blade Factory, as well as Drawing Ensemble #1 at the Liverpool Biennial, Deep Hedonia and Drawing Paper curated an evening of multi-sensory live performances, quadraphonic premieres and live visuals and receptive drawing titled SPACE/SOUND.

Throughout the event Royal Standard artists Madeline Hall and Jon Barraclough reacted through live visuals and mark-making to new audio compositions from a wide range of Liverpool musicians, composers and sound designers. Among these include dance producers BANTAM LIONS, AFTERNAUT; noise and minimalist specialists HOT HAIL, LUUMEN and DEREK FOOTT.

Also featured was live performance poet NATHAN JONES premiering a new work in collaboration with Deep Hedonia. Nathan is at the forefront of Liverpool’s literary arts scene and has been producing work with creative agency Mercy for many years; his current body of work is inspired by Electronic Voice Phenomena and the affect on language through software and internet adjustment/malfunction.