Born in the 50s in Bradford, Yorkshire. Currently working and resident in Liverpool. Moved to Liverpool from London to teach at the Art School.

"I’m an obsessive maker of drawings. I have been since I was a kid. It was my (only) party trick - and I’ve stuck with it. Drawing opened doors for me. I’ve made record covers, drawn symbols and designs for lots of organisations, worked for film companies, run studios and businesses and done a fair bit of teaching. Drawing helped me to take photographs and showed me how to arrange words on a page. It’s been a wonderfully transferrable skill.

My work is now about having a conversation with the world. Writing and spoken words fail me but drawing is the channel that seems always tuned in to describing what fascinates me and how I feel. My themes are entangled with human archeology and history, the power and force of the natural world and the experiences of calamity and reformation."

Jon works primarily in drawing and drawing devices, photography, performance, film and sound. He is a founder and co-publisher of DRAWING PAPER UK.

He works primarily in drawing, photography, performance, film and sound.

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