Jon Barraclough was born sometime in the 50s in Bradford, Yorkshire. He studied Fine Art Media at Bradford College of Art and Graphic Design at Newcastle Polytechnic before working as a photographer in New York City and London in the 1980s. Working in the music, film and fashion industries, he was a founder member of the Unknown Studio in London, UK and exhibited drawings in group and solo shows there. He began teaching at Newcastle and Liverpool Schools of Art in the early 90s then became Director of School at Liverpool between 1991 and 1996. He went on to become a director at Nonconform in Liverpool and exhibited drawings, paintings, film and photography in touring, group shows and solo shows in the UK and abroad.

He works primarily in drawing, photography, performance, film and sound.

His work themes include: temporality and the temporary nature of all things, authorship and ownership, ambiguity, voyeurism and truth and the turning point between abstraction and representation, drawing as analogous to (and companion with) music or sound.

Useful links
An interview in The Double Negative about his early career and on collaboration:
A recent (2014) short film showing him working on a drawing installation: ""
A short film by Rob Windsor showing his live drawing performance of Derrire Le Miroir with composer Sohrab Uduman and harpsichordist Jane Chapman at King’s Place, London (2012)

Drawing Paper - a free, alternative newspaper on drawing co-published/curated with artist and designer Mike Carney.
Bird’s Ear View - a collaboration with Alex Wolkowicz (New York), Robert Peterson (Louisiana) exploring the plight of avian wildlife in New York’s ‘vertical’ city.
Space:Sound - a collaboration with artist Madeline Hall and sound collective Deep Hedonia